On reading as a writer

Nice little essay on how to read as a writer

I keep coming back to this. I think becoming better at reading will make me a better writer. I need more concrete “How to” with some tools, though…


And on to the edit

At this point I’m still enjoying my story. I’ve been told that’ll quickly change.

Today I sent the first two chapters to a professional editor who is looking them over for free. I also submitted the first three chapters to http://www.youwriteon.com/. Very curious to see what comes of these two things.

Now my brain is toast and I need to sleep for a week.

Reading as a writer

The way I read has certainly changed. I suddenly notice things in sentences that would usually pass me by, about grammar, structure, intention. How one sentence leads to the next, and when something doesn’t quite fit.

I used to get that a lot when I did a lot of editing at work, too, and I won’t lie, it makes reading more like work and less fun. But maybe it’s just a price I gotta pay to become a better writer.