Beautiful love story!

A Forbidden Rumspringa (Gay Amish Romance #1)A Forbidden Rumspringa by Keira Andrews

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anyone who has read any of my stories knows that I like my boys sweet and loving. And Keira’s Isaac and David are perfect in that respect!

The details for the Amish way of life ring very true. It’s great to come away from a novel feeling you learned something. The story is very nicely told, and it was easy to see all the people before my mind’s eye. The supporting characters are well drawn, and the reader really starts to care about everyone’s fate. The amount of drama also felt very realistic.

I’m so glad I found this series through the free Amazon promotional offer. I’ve already bought the next book, and can’t wait to get started!

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The Dead ZoneThe Dead Zone by Stephen King

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I loved the writing, and Johnny Smith pulled at my heartstrings. I found the story a little drawn out, but mostly I didn’t mind that. It was immersive writing; I like reading books that were published thirty, forty years ago. It opens up a way of thinking that’s hard to replicate now.

But something seemed missing. Why was Greg Stillson bad? Johnny feels that he is, and that he might become a new Hitler. But it’s never really fully explored. Maybe it was hard to really come up with a truly evil politician that felt naturally in 1979. Now, post-Bush and in the middle of the times of Trump, that’s sadly no longer so hard.

Several times I felt reminded of 11/22/63, in the best way. Playing with ideas around changing the course of history has seldom felt so timely.

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I’ve had a killer week, writing-wise, what with #SonofaPitch, then #PitchCB and #PitchMadness. Been knee-deep in revisions of the pitches, and the MS, but it was all great fun. And I made it into the final round for Son, so yay!

Despite all this I’ve been trying to keep up with my reading. I’ve discovered the delicious L.A. Witt. This is the sort of comfort reading I do when I need to not think about my own boys but still wanna think about boys, if that makes sense. 😉 Two other writers are on that same comfort reading list, and I’ll get to them next: Laura Gomez and Anna Zabo. I can’t wait!

I’m also making my way through a few of the classics of gay (and LGBTQI) literature. I tried to read Giovanni’s Room, but I got very depressed over it and stopped. Currently I’m halfway through Dancer from the Dance (Andrew Holleran) and I really like it. And I finished Val McDermid’s latest this week, too. It was really good!

Scrivener, my new toy

It’s probably too late to make the most of it for the current book, but I’m enjoying playing with Scrivener immensely. Definitely buying it after the trial!

Not sure I’m doing it entirely right, but putting all my scenes into folders and naming the folders was really fun. It’s really helped me understand the structure better.

Next: Type up the synopses for all the chapters into the little synopsis cards.


My first twitter pitch party #SonofaPitch

Thank you to everyone for your feedback!


Title: A World Apart

Category and Genre: Gay romance

Word count: 47,000


February 13, 2017

Dear editor,

A WORLD APART is a gay romance novel dealing with illness and crime – themes not often explored in the world of “happily ever after”.

BEN GRIERS is the darling of Corinth’s Georgia Police Department – intelligent, handsome and hardworking. Thanks to his beautiful wife Helen and clever daughter Laura Ben’s family is the envy of the town. Yet desperate unhappiness is hiding just below the surface.

When DONNIE SAUNDERS, a deadbeat redneck with a temper, is brought to Corinth PD as a suspect in a hit and run, Ben finds himself strangely intrigued by the man. He is quick to establish Donnie’s innocence, but can’t shake the feeling that Donnie is hiding something. They encounter each other again in an unlikely place, and soon sparks begin to fly. As their mutual attraction draws them ever closer both men are forced to confront their most painful secrets.

Please let me know if you would like to see a detailed synopsis or the manuscript. In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to read my query.

Sincerely yours,

Mel Gough


First 250 words from Chapter 1 (there’s a Prologue before this)

“What have we got, Lou?”

Ben stepped up to the reception desk at Corinth Police Department and glanced at a handcuffed man on the bench off to one side by the clerk’s station. The man was staring down at the scuffed linoleum floor, and Ben was looking at the top of a head of strawberry blond, disheveled hair. One of the man’s knees was jiggling nervously, and Ben could see his jaw working as he bit the inside of his mouth repeatedly.

“Guy was driving the vehicle involved in that hit and run yesterday,” Lou the desk clerk said, pointing unnecessarily at the man on the bench. “Browne and O’Donnell brought him in. They’re in with the boss right now.” Lou nodded towards the captain’s office. Ben glanced around and saw his partner Jason Browne striding towards them.

“How was court, brother?” Jason sounded cheerful, but his eyes were cold. That was never a good combination. Ben frowned, then shrugged.

“As expected.”

“You missed all the excitement.” Jason indicated the man on the narrow bench who was still staring at the floor. “Saunders here knows some pretty colorful language, and he wasn’t none too happy to accompany us, neither.”

“Hence the handcuffs,” Ben said drily, and it wasn’t a question. Jason answered it with a smirk anyway.

“Wasn’t me that hit that kid,” the man Jason had called Saunders muttered. “Told ya I wasn’t in town.”

The greatest honour

Back in May 2015 I wrote a Walking Dead rickyl fanfiction called Contact. (If you want to ready it do feel free, but be aware, this is slash fiction. This is how I started on my writing, I’m not ashamed of it!) It was sweet and fluffy, and there was sex. I had nice feedback and a fair number of likes on it, for a one off.

A very lovely reader called saffron_chen over on AO3 said that she would translate it to Chinese. I felt honoured and a little nervous, but mostly just amazed that someone actually liked the story enough to do this.

And today saffron_chen sent me a link to part of the translation! You have to log in, and it’s all in Chinese, of course, so I’m copying the text here. It looks so pretty!

I am still flabbergasted that she actually did this. Thank you so much, this is the most wonderful thing that’s happened to me in my writing adventure so far!

If anything looks wrong, my apologies, the Unicode browser probably makes a mess of it.

授翻 rickyl contact [复制链接]






“Alcohol. Like bookends to a life.”

That’s a line from the chapter I was editing last night. I quite like it, but maybe it’s cheesy, I don’t know.

Sometimes I have these moments where I wonder who wrote this thing, because it definitely wasn’t me. And depending on my mood that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. And sometimes it’s both, like with this one.

Does this count as a writing crisis, I wonder? 🙂