My five favourite M/M romance writers

Writers are always told to maintain an active blog. We’re supposed to write about our books and projects, but also about things outside of writing, to show our readers something about our lives.

I’ve been struggling with this last bit. I work, I write (and promote my books) and I read. I can write about writing easily and enthusiastically, and I guess I could write about my day job too, but while it’s a job I enjoy, it’s not very interesting to outsiders. I mean, we all sit in an office for a lot of the day and stare at computer screens and type out endless emails. There, that’s my job in a nutshell.

There’s only one other thing I have anything exciting to say about – the books I read. Those of you who following my Facebook will already know pretty much what I read and when I read it because my Goodreads account is linked to my page. But I don’t tend to write reviews, even though I love 99% of everything I’ve read in the last few months. I simply don’t have the time for in-depth reviews, which is what my favourite books deserve.

But today, I do want to tell other people about some of the wonderful M/M romance writers I’ve fallen in love with recently, because they make my life 100% better!

So, while you’re waiting for my new books (and they are coming, I promise), why not check out some of the great books below? By the way, these authors are not a definitive selection, they merely wrote some of the M/M romance stories that have touched me most deeply. There are many, many more amazing authors in this genre, and I’m hoping to write about them next time!

Here they are, in no particular order, my most beloved M/M romance writers and stories!

Garrett Leigh

Writes: Contemporary M/M romance

I simply love her books. LOVE them. Her characters are sweet, sexy, gorgeous, but always very real and relatable. And she writes the best hurt/comfort I’ve so far encountered in M/M romance. And boy, am I ever a sucker for H/C! I love gorgeous guys taking care of each other. And Garrett writes H/C in such ways that it never makes her characters appear very real.

My favourite book so far has been Between Ghosts, which is set during the Iraq war and tells the story of an SAS soldier and a journalist who (unsurprisingly, since this is romance) develop feelings for each other. But my first book was Rented Soul, which is the story of a cool guy business man and a rentboy falling in love. The book is followed by Soul to Keep, which is the story of the rentboy’s best friend overcoming his own demons. And this book is what led me to Between Ghosts. Garrett likes to feature her characters more than once, giving supporting chast from one story their own book later on. I really love that approach!

Not all of her series work for me, and this is actually one of the best things I’ve learned in recent months: If a book doesn’t immediately grip me, don’t write off the author. If there’s something about the book you like (the writing style or the voice, or the characterisation) try another one of theirs and see if it’s a better fit. Writers tend to write for different audiences even in the same overall genre, and they evolve. And lucky for us, some of the most amazing writers have been at it long enough to give us plenty of stories to choose from!

Find Garrett’s books and more info on her website.

Josh Lanyon

Oh my goodness, what can I say? I love Josh’s books! Nothing is as satisfying as her crime stories in that beautiful prose, giving us one hot couple of law enforcement officers after another (interspersed with the odd artist, bookstore owner and history professor, who just make the stories even hotter).

Again, I came for the hurt/comfort, and stayed for the amazing storytelling. I have several favourite couples. Adrien and Jake from The Adrien English Mysteries are a classic, but I think Will and Taylor from the Dangerous Ground series are my favourite couple. I mean, FBI. Lord. Jason and Sam from The Art of Murder series are a close second for the same reason, and Elliott and Tucker from All’s Fair are also up there. Sometimes, Josh does cameos for her characters too, and it’s always fun to find those.

I liked a whole bunch of her other works too, but steered clear of the cosy mystery, the paranormal and the adventure stories, because the genres are simply not my jam. But I want to mention them, since everyone loves different things and I’m sure these books will be just as amazing for those of you who love the genre!

Find out more about Josh and her books on her website.

Other books

There are many other M/M romance books I loved, and I want to mention a small selection because I genuinely think you’re missing out if you don’t read them!

The Sacrifice and Other Stories – Kim Fielding

After just having extensively gushed about two authors’ back catalogues of contemporary M/M romance, here’s a Fantasy anthology I thoroughly enjoyed. I haven’t read much M/M in the genre, but this one took me by surprise. I loved the fairy tale quality of the stories, and how the author doesn’t shy away from writing sweet love stories between men who aren’t always perfect, young and gorgeous. I’ve added a whole bunch of Kim’s other books to my TBR pile. 

Trailer Trash – Marie Sexton

I’m not overly fond of books about younger people. I found puberty annoying enough to go through once and adolescent angst isn’t for me. But this book definitely hooked me. It’s not YA, even though the protagonists are only 18. It doesn’t even really read like NA, maybe because it’s not set at college. I’m not sure. But whatever it is, it worked for me. The story is sweet and sad, but also gritty. The boys are easy to like, and I cared a lot for their fate. So far, I haven’t delved deeper in Marie’s back catalogue, but I do want to!

Gay Amish Romance series – Keira Andrews

Loved this so much! It was one of the first M/M romance series I seriously delved into, and I was hooked from the first page. The books are a little heavy on the sex for my taste, and I probably skipped the odd scene, but the story Keira weaves around the steamy bits is sweet and angsty and feels very real. I’ve added a few other of Keira’s books to my TBR list and will hopefully get around to them soon!

That’s it for now, but I thoroughly enjoyed writing about these faves, so I definitely plan to do another post like this in the not too distant future!

Do you want to share your favourite M/M romance stories and writers with me? Please comment about them below, I’d love some good recs!

Beautiful love story!

A Forbidden Rumspringa (Gay Amish Romance #1)A Forbidden Rumspringa by Keira Andrews

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anyone who has read any of my stories knows that I like my boys sweet and loving. And Keira’s Isaac and David are perfect in that respect!

The details for the Amish way of life ring very true. It’s great to come away from a novel feeling you learned something. The story is very nicely told, and it was easy to see all the people before my mind’s eye. The supporting characters are well drawn, and the reader really starts to care about everyone’s fate. The amount of drama also felt very realistic.

I’m so glad I found this series through the free Amazon promotional offer. I’ve already bought the next book, and can’t wait to get started!

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Wrote a little review on Goodreads

The Dead ZoneThe Dead Zone by Stephen King

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I loved the writing, and Johnny Smith pulled at my heartstrings. I found the story a little drawn out, but mostly I didn’t mind that. It was immersive writing; I like reading books that were published thirty, forty years ago. It opens up a way of thinking that’s hard to replicate now.

But something seemed missing. Why was Greg Stillson bad? Johnny feels that he is, and that he might become a new Hitler. But it’s never really fully explored. Maybe it was hard to really come up with a truly evil politician that felt naturally in 1979. Now, post-Bush and in the middle of the times of Trump, that’s sadly no longer so hard.

Several times I felt reminded of 11/22/63, in the best way. Playing with ideas around changing the course of history has seldom felt so timely.

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