Have I told you about Wings of Glass yet?

Muse and Flame coverNo, I haven’t, because I’m a doofus! My little short story, over which I laboured for a long time, found a very loving and perfect home with Fluky Fiction in The Muse and The Flame: A Collection of Bizarre Romance, which came out last week! The anthology is really unusual, the love stories are about monsters, cannibals, and death. But I promise, it’s a great read! (I also really love the cover.)

Matt Doyle also had me over on his blog for an interview about the anthology, in which I made up a poorly thought-out analogy to do with kangaroos. Yeah, I don’t know either.

And here, last but not least, a little taster of my story. Maybe it’ll entice you to spend $1.40 to read the rest!

Wings of Glass (Excerpt)

He’s been dead three months today. But when I close my eyes I see him, perched on the balustrade out on his roof terrace. Goofy grin on his face, sort of lopsided around the cigarette he never could give up, even at the end.
“Hey, babe,” he calls, and beckons me over. “Missed you today. What’s new with you?”


Daz’s cell:
U bought milk? Bacon? Cigs?
Baby animal food, check. Cholesterol in shrink wrap, check. Cancer sticks, check and check. Be there in 5.
Daz’s cell:
U funny xx C ya soon.


Author: melgoughwriter

Writer, Londoner, coffee lover. Sometimes I breathe, mostly I'm too busy writing. "A World Apart" coming September 18 with @ninestarpress #romance #lgbtqi

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